Friday, 18 November 2011

MOF @ My Izakaya, Singapore Marina Square - Dinner

Hubby and I traveled to Singapore on end Oct/beginning Nov to celebrate our 3rd year wedding anniversary cum my birthday. On my birthday, we had dinner at this restaurant MOF @ My Izakaya situated at Marina Square since we were staying at Pan Pacific Singapore.
 Once seated, the waiter brought us each a very thick Menu. Maybe is because we just woke up from our nap we really cannot digest everything on the menu. It is just way too much of items on the menu and we cant decide what to eat even after reading it for 15 minutes. @@ Finally i ordered a spicy miso ramen and Hubby ordered a rice set something like Korean bibimbap type. Also he ordered karaage and soft shell crab for sharing.

Overall, the experience at MOF wasnt great. Ramen tasted not bad, however there was too much noodles and not much ingredients. Hubby said his rice said was special, a bit of Korean Bibimbap style with sake. Karrage tasted like McDonald chicken nuggets and the soft shell crab was way too much oily!

The only thing i found it quite nice is the green tea. They put a candle underneath the tea pot so our tea is always hot!
Hubby rice set is come with a cup of coffee, so he ordered another green tea machiato for me. This is seriously good~~~ especially their green tea ice-cream! I wish we could have an empty tummy to come here for dessert!

MOF @ My Izakaya
Add: 6 Raffles Boulevard #02-138E Marina Square, Singapore

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Dao Vien, Northbridge - Lunch

I have been to this Vietnamese restaurant many many times. This first time I came was with DC while i was doing my Master degree here in Perth. He brought me here just simply because this restaurant is always empty, ie the NO waiting time; and there was a big FREE parking space behind the restaurant, we can easily park our car and eat :) And of course the food here is not too bad. 

Through out the years the HUGE parking space at the back has been converted into Wilson Parking, however still I continue visit this restaurant mainly because it's still always empty. Hubby and I love coming here especially on Sunday afternoon for lunch. After trying a few items of the menu, our conclusion is the dry stuff is much better than the soupy stuff :)

Hubby and I love Vietnamese coffee, so we normally will order 1, either hot or cold, for sharing. 

Hubby loves this dry noodles with pork. The meat is well marinated with punch of flavors.

And that day I was just craving for wanton noodles... to be honest, it is really good! Really yummy wanton with few slices of char-siew. The seasoning on the noodles is just nice.
Worth trying if you are not looking for good ambiance and environment here as this restaurant just does not have. However if you want to have authentic Vietnamese food and reasonable price, give it a try :)

Dao Vien Vietnamese on Urbanspoon

Dao Vien Vietnamese
Add: 3 Fitzgerald St NorthbridgeWA 6003
Tel: 08 9227 8037

Monday, 7 November 2011

fasta pasta, Morley - Dinner

Hubby and I went to fasta pasta on one weekday night. We picked this restaurant just because it is very near to our house and we are really hungry. It was pretty empty when we walked in so we thought the food might be just normal or not nice at all. However we decided to give it a try as we are just too hungry.

We have been greeted once we walked in which we felt really warm. The waitress said we could sit anywhere we like and soon after we were seated they brought us the menu. I like the picture on the menu.

 Some of the items on the menu. Hubby said the pricing is pretty reasonable.

The bread is complimentary. Just nice to fill our hunger.

We order 1 large pizza and a pasta as main for sharing. Cant really remember the actual name of our pasta and pizza but i have to said both are really delicious.

The pizza is freshly made. The dough is very soft and light with lots of air in it. And it is just so different eating this pizza and those Domino/Pizza Hut's pizza! Hubby said this is the difference between the freshly made pizza and those commercial made one. 

And the pasta is so good as well. Pasta is freshly made as well. Dont ask me how can i tell, i know it is so soft. And this pasta is come with both red and white sauce. Really tasty!

We couldn't finish the pizza so we get the waitress to pack it for us. When we opened it at home, we realised that it was nicely pack with a little instruction card in it. We could feel that the restaurant really care about their customers!

Overall, it was a nice experienced having meal in fasta pasta. We will definitely come back again.

Fasta Pasta Morley on Urbanspoon

fasta pasta
Add: 196 Walter Road Morley WA 6062
Tel: 08 9375 5900

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sittella Winery & Cafe, Swan Valley - Wedding lunch

We are very blessed to be invited by Tiffany and Nathan to Sitella Winery to attend their wedding on 22 October 2011.
It was a beautiful wedding, beautiful scenary, beauitful weather, and of course beautiful couples. Since this a food blog I wont go on further about the wedding, let's go straight to the lunch reception! :p

The lunch started at 12.30'ish. It was a 3 course lunch:
1. Entree - King prawns with pink grapefruit segments salad provencale and herb vinaigrette

Really nice entree. King praws are really fresh and go really well with the passionfruit and vinaigrette.

2. Mains
We are given two options for the main, either the
Roast Harvey Beef Loin with mustard crust, wooland mushroom and roasted shallots in Shiraz glaze

Altantic salmon lemon salted  and seared on lemon risotto with king prawn, asparagus sears and orange hollandaise
I got beef since i dont like salmon and hubby got the salmon. To be honest, i dont really like the beef as it's too tough although it's still quite rare in the middle. We reckon it was because of mass cooking and it wasnt a proper steak, but instead it was cooked in a big piece and cut it to small pieces for serving.
As for the salmon, it seems that who order it really enjoy it :)

3. Dessert
Here comes the dessert which i long for~~~~~
Sittella Strawberry Brandy Snap Basket filled with cointreau ice cream, smothered with strawberries and crusted passionfruit
Sorry i didnt manage to get a good picture of this delicous dessert as i am too eager to have it! Ha! It is super yummylicious~~~~~~ The brandy snap basket is so sweet but with the bitterness of the caramalised, and the sourness of the strawberries and passinfruit, it went really well~~~~

Overall, it was a great lunch. If we were not invited to attend the wedding, we wont really know there is such a nice place to enjoy the beautiful afternoon. Thanks Nathan & Tiff :)

Sittella Winery & Cafe on Urbanspoon

Sittella Winery & Cafe
100 Barrett St
Herne Hill WA 6056
Tel: 08 9296 2600

Monday, 19 September 2011

Jun, Perth - Lunch

I have been to Jun for 2 times now. Both times were with FHL. She is the one who introduce this little eating place to me. Before that, i have no idea where this restaurant is. Until she kept mentioning to me and one day I walked pass this alley and I was so suprised to see there is a Japanese restaurant in there!

The first time walked in the restaurant was pretty exciting. Turn into the alley where no one was with me, I felt like I am going to a secret place. I walked into the restaurant and push the door. I thought I will be hearing greetings from the waiters/waitresses. But no! There is a going downward staircase in front of me. That made me feel more exciting. I walked down to the stair finally here come the restaurant! Ha!

It's such a small place and beleive me, it's full of people just after 12pm. So if you want to get a table, please come before 12pm. 

Jun only have 5 dishes on the menu during lunch time, 3 standards dishes and 2 chef special which changed every day. Each dish comes with rice, soup, salad and pickles. The price is A$11.80 per dish.

I ordered teriyaki chicken on the first visit and yakiniku beef on the second time. 

As usual, FHL loves her Chicken Karaage

As can see from the pix, the serving is pretty generous, and the dishes taste really good! The waiter/waitress are very friendly and approachable. And i can truly feel Japenese Culture in this little place :) I will definately come back and hopefully I can try their dinner menu 1 day.

Jun on Urbanspoon

Add: 568 Hay Street, Perth 6000
Tel: 08 9221 3339

Friday, 16 September 2011

Sri Melaka Vegetarian, Northbridge - Dinner

This is my second time step into Sri Melaka Vegetarian after living in Perth for the past 7 years. The 1st time was quite funny actually. I went there with 2 girl friends not knowing that they only serve vegetarian food. We ordered a curry chicken, a fish and a vegie dish.

We were very impressed with the food especially with the curry chicken. None of us could taste the difference between the real chicken meat and this fake meat. Until half way, one of us was asking... 'is this curry chicken or....other meat?' Then we just realised this is a vegetarian restaurant! =.=''

And this time thanks to the traffic jam along Francis St and passed by Sri Melaka. I remember how tasty was the curry chicken, so we decided to step in again.

So we ordered 3 dishes for dinner
1. Satay Chicken - we were very surprised to see this dish when it came out! It is actually deep fried chicken ball.... it tasted not bad and the satay sauce is really good
2. Stir Fry Snowpeas - I think the snowpeas is a bit too soft... and i dont really like the rest of the ingredients.
3. Kapitan Curry Chicken - We really disappointed with this dish. It's not as nice as the 1st time I tasted. The fake meat is so fake (sorry to say). And Hubby said the sauce is actually quite diluted.

Overall costs us $35 after the Entertainment Book discount.

Sri Melaka Vegetarian on Urbanspoon

Sri Melaka Vegetarian
Add: 20 James St, Northbridge, 6003
Tel: 08 9328 6406

Seoul BBQ Cafe, Perth - Lunch

FHL and myself like to have lunch together on Friday afternoon. And we decided to go to Seoul BBQ cafe this time.

It is located on the 1st floor of Forest Chase next to crazy clark. Since there are not many tables there, we normally go there quite early, like around 12pm. Very casual place and we just order our food at the counter and a number will be given after we paid for it. Your number will be called once the food is prepared and we will just collect it from the counter. Simple!

FHL loves the crispy chicken and I like their Bulgogi beef.

The food is soooooooooo tasty and the serving is generous too! Price has increased a bit since the last time we visited. Now it costs A$10.50 for 1 set.

Seoul BBQ Cafe on Urbanspoon

Seoul BBQ Cafe
Add: 166 Murray St Perth, 6000

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Welcome Inn Tea House, Northbridge - Breakfast, Lunch

Hubby and I haven't  been to Dim Sum for a while, so we decided to invite hubby's parents to go together on one Sunday morning since the more the merrier =) However my FIL cant make it as it's too early for him. 

Hubby's family has been going to Welcome Inn Tea House for years mainly due to the their price is reasonable and the food taste is not bad. 

The first thing we grabbed from the tray is Deep Fried Pork Dumplings (ham shui gok). MIL loves this. Although it's deep fried, the skin is still a bit chewy and the fillings is not dry at all and tasted a bit sweet.

Since it was about 11 something in the morning when we arrived, we still able to grab a plate of the Egg Tarts. Someone was telling me their Egg Tarts is very popular. Normally it will all be sold out by noon time! I really love this egg tart, love its pastry especially~~~~

I love Rice Flour Rolls as well. So we ordered two; one with the filling of BBQ pork and the other with the filling of fried dough. I am very satisfied with the one with fried dough as the fried dough is still crispy when we are having it. However the BBQ pork one is not so nice today as I can still taste the pork smell.

Hubby's love the Steam Pork Dumplings (Siew Mai) and Steam Pork Spare Ribs (Pai Kuat). We are glad that these 2 porks dishes tasted really nice without the pork smell. Especially the spare ribs, it is so tasty with the black bean sauce.

And this Steam Bean-curd Rolls is our favorite too~~~~Love the sauce especially.

Deep Fried Squid is something cannot be missed having Dim Sum in Australia.  

The last one is the Beef Tenders hubby loves to eat recently. I dont normally eat this so i am not too sure how it tastes.

It's always so good to have Dim Sum together with family and friends. Lots of different variety can be ordered and shared. =) 

Welcome Inn Tea House on Urbanspoon

Welcome Inn Tea House
Tel No: 08 9227 8886
Add: 354 William St Northbridge 6000

Monday, 30 May 2011

Nishi Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar, Myaree - Dinner

We decided to go to Nishi on one Sunday night as mum was not free to cook for us. This is my 2nd time to Nishi since I am in Perth for the past 7 years. I still remember i didnt get good experience with Nishi the first time i went. However hubby said his experience was quite good the last time he went. So we decided to give it a try again. Also the expiry date of the 2010 entertainment book is approaching, so we are thinking to utilise it as fully as possible.

A snap shot of their menu:
I dont remember it was that pricey.... might be all due to inflation :p

Hubby ordered a Chirashi Set - $25.50

Sorry for not being able to take a good picture from hubby's angle. All the Bento Set is come with rice, miso soup and a salad. According to hubby, sashimi are all very fresh and he likes it.  

I ordered a Katsudon Set - $20.50
I am very disappointed with this Katsudon to be honest. It doenst look like the normal Katsondon i have in other Japanese Restaurant. This one looks like Katsu + egg sauce. It is quite tasteless too =(

We got 25% off from the entertainment book. So the total bill was $34.50.

Are we coming back again? Well... i am not too sure. I guess unless we ran out of places to go, or else we wont be back here anymore.

Nishi Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon

Nishi Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar
Tel:  08 9330 9888
Add: 42 Hulme Court, Myaree 6154