Friday, 16 September 2011

Seoul BBQ Cafe, Perth - Lunch

FHL and myself like to have lunch together on Friday afternoon. And we decided to go to Seoul BBQ cafe this time.

It is located on the 1st floor of Forest Chase next to crazy clark. Since there are not many tables there, we normally go there quite early, like around 12pm. Very casual place and we just order our food at the counter and a number will be given after we paid for it. Your number will be called once the food is prepared and we will just collect it from the counter. Simple!

FHL loves the crispy chicken and I like their Bulgogi beef.

The food is soooooooooo tasty and the serving is generous too! Price has increased a bit since the last time we visited. Now it costs A$10.50 for 1 set.

Seoul BBQ Cafe on Urbanspoon

Seoul BBQ Cafe
Add: 166 Murray St Perth, 6000

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