Monday, 19 September 2011

Jun, Perth - Lunch

I have been to Jun for 2 times now. Both times were with FHL. She is the one who introduce this little eating place to me. Before that, i have no idea where this restaurant is. Until she kept mentioning to me and one day I walked pass this alley and I was so suprised to see there is a Japanese restaurant in there!

The first time walked in the restaurant was pretty exciting. Turn into the alley where no one was with me, I felt like I am going to a secret place. I walked into the restaurant and push the door. I thought I will be hearing greetings from the waiters/waitresses. But no! There is a going downward staircase in front of me. That made me feel more exciting. I walked down to the stair finally here come the restaurant! Ha!

It's such a small place and beleive me, it's full of people just after 12pm. So if you want to get a table, please come before 12pm. 

Jun only have 5 dishes on the menu during lunch time, 3 standards dishes and 2 chef special which changed every day. Each dish comes with rice, soup, salad and pickles. The price is A$11.80 per dish.

I ordered teriyaki chicken on the first visit and yakiniku beef on the second time. 

As usual, FHL loves her Chicken Karaage

As can see from the pix, the serving is pretty generous, and the dishes taste really good! The waiter/waitress are very friendly and approachable. And i can truly feel Japenese Culture in this little place :) I will definately come back and hopefully I can try their dinner menu 1 day.

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Add: 568 Hay Street, Perth 6000
Tel: 08 9221 3339


  1. Only just found out about this place and they were closed over the holidays which made the wait build up the anticipation. I finally went there and loved it! The chicken katsu is delicious. I've got to go back again for more.


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