Monday, 30 May 2011

Nishi Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar, Myaree - Dinner

We decided to go to Nishi on one Sunday night as mum was not free to cook for us. This is my 2nd time to Nishi since I am in Perth for the past 7 years. I still remember i didnt get good experience with Nishi the first time i went. However hubby said his experience was quite good the last time he went. So we decided to give it a try again. Also the expiry date of the 2010 entertainment book is approaching, so we are thinking to utilise it as fully as possible.

A snap shot of their menu:
I dont remember it was that pricey.... might be all due to inflation :p

Hubby ordered a Chirashi Set - $25.50

Sorry for not being able to take a good picture from hubby's angle. All the Bento Set is come with rice, miso soup and a salad. According to hubby, sashimi are all very fresh and he likes it.  

I ordered a Katsudon Set - $20.50
I am very disappointed with this Katsudon to be honest. It doenst look like the normal Katsondon i have in other Japanese Restaurant. This one looks like Katsu + egg sauce. It is quite tasteless too =(

We got 25% off from the entertainment book. So the total bill was $34.50.

Are we coming back again? Well... i am not too sure. I guess unless we ran out of places to go, or else we wont be back here anymore.

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Nishi Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar
Tel:  08 9330 9888
Add: 42 Hulme Court, Myaree 6154

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Grill'd, Mount Lawley - Dinner

We pass by Grill's everyday on the way home. Friends around us kept telling us we have to give it a try one day. So we went.... finally.

We arrived there before 6pm so it was still quite empty. Too many choices for us to decide what to have for dinner. After about 20 minutes of reading the menu, I decided to order "Caesar's Palace" since i love caesar salad so much and Hubby ordered "Back Bar" and a regular chips to share.

Nice wall decor at Grill'd

Regular chips with herbed mayo to share - $4.30
Big chuncky chips with herbs on top. Nice to eat while it's hot!

Hubby's Back Bar Steak Burger - $15.50
I quite like this burger except the Ciabatta is a bit too tough. Other than that scotch fillet is tender. Nice!

My Caesar's Palace Chicken Burger - $12.50
I love caesar's salad but i think i made a mistake to have it as a burger. The grilled chicken bread is tough and dry. Not really enjoy it. However, I love the bread. It's crispy outside and soft inside.

Thanks to the entertainment book's deal, ie Buy 1 get 1 free, it costs us about $24 for this meal including an apple juice which i didnt take any pix. 

Grill'd on Urbanspoon

Tel : 08 9271 9444
Add: 669Beaufort st Mount Lawley 6050

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Tra Vinh, Northbridge - Lunch, Dinner

Tra Vinh is always ranked on the top of our list if we want a quick meal, either for lunch or dinner. No great service, no great environment, but food wise is good. Very authentic, according to my vietnamese friend =)

Hubby hooked on this Vietnamese white ice-coffee. Unfortunately Tra Vinh didnt serve their coffee in one of those traditional Vietnamese coffee maker.

I pretty like this soup base dish. If i want something hot on that day, i will normally order this "Shun Hua Spicy Beef Soup. Very tasty =) It's really good for winter!

Currently hubby want to cut down his meat consumption so every time he goes to Tra Vinh, this "Vege Horfun" is always his choice. Plenty of vegies, i think it's way beyond the 5 serves vegie we need to consume for a day :p Hardly see any Horfun (noodles) haha!

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Tra Vinh Vietnamese Restaurant
Tel : 08 9227 8037
Add:149a Brisbane St, Perth 6000

Cori Anna, Northbridge - Dinner

Hubby and I like to visit this little Korean restaurant situated at William Street, Northbridge. I thought the food here is pretty nice. And also it is always quite quiet so you will get your order pretty fast! Ha!

So today we ordered 4 dishes for 3:

1. Seafood pancake - $8
The pancake is thin and full of flavor and it's actually full of seafood! Nice.

2. Vege Bibim-bap - $12
Since we are ordering other meat, so we ordered this vege bibim-bap to satisfy our vege need for a day ;p It serves with hot stone pot which i really like. 

3. Bulgogi Pork - $12
This bulgogi pork is rather ordinary. Not much surprise!

4. Deep Fried Chicken coated with sweet chili sauce (1/2) - $13
This is the DISH OF THE DAY~~~~ It's so crispy and at first i thought it would be too hot for me, but it's not! It's so tasty and 1/2 chicken is just nice for 3 of us =)

Overall, the dinner here at Cori Anna is pretty good. The price is not too expensive and the service is pretty good as well.

Cori Anna Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Cori Anna
Tel:  08 9227 7299
Add: 5/347 William St Perth 6000