Monday, 7 November 2011

fasta pasta, Morley - Dinner

Hubby and I went to fasta pasta on one weekday night. We picked this restaurant just because it is very near to our house and we are really hungry. It was pretty empty when we walked in so we thought the food might be just normal or not nice at all. However we decided to give it a try as we are just too hungry.

We have been greeted once we walked in which we felt really warm. The waitress said we could sit anywhere we like and soon after we were seated they brought us the menu. I like the picture on the menu.

 Some of the items on the menu. Hubby said the pricing is pretty reasonable.

The bread is complimentary. Just nice to fill our hunger.

We order 1 large pizza and a pasta as main for sharing. Cant really remember the actual name of our pasta and pizza but i have to said both are really delicious.

The pizza is freshly made. The dough is very soft and light with lots of air in it. And it is just so different eating this pizza and those Domino/Pizza Hut's pizza! Hubby said this is the difference between the freshly made pizza and those commercial made one. 

And the pasta is so good as well. Pasta is freshly made as well. Dont ask me how can i tell, i know it is so soft. And this pasta is come with both red and white sauce. Really tasty!

We couldn't finish the pizza so we get the waitress to pack it for us. When we opened it at home, we realised that it was nicely pack with a little instruction card in it. We could feel that the restaurant really care about their customers!

Overall, it was a nice experienced having meal in fasta pasta. We will definitely come back again.

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fasta pasta
Add: 196 Walter Road Morley WA 6062
Tel: 08 9375 5900

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