Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sittella Winery & Cafe, Swan Valley - Wedding lunch

We are very blessed to be invited by Tiffany and Nathan to Sitella Winery to attend their wedding on 22 October 2011.
It was a beautiful wedding, beautiful scenary, beauitful weather, and of course beautiful couples. Since this a food blog I wont go on further about the wedding, let's go straight to the lunch reception! :p

The lunch started at 12.30'ish. It was a 3 course lunch:
1. Entree - King prawns with pink grapefruit segments salad provencale and herb vinaigrette

Really nice entree. King praws are really fresh and go really well with the passionfruit and vinaigrette.

2. Mains
We are given two options for the main, either the
Roast Harvey Beef Loin with mustard crust, wooland mushroom and roasted shallots in Shiraz glaze

Altantic salmon lemon salted  and seared on lemon risotto with king prawn, asparagus sears and orange hollandaise
I got beef since i dont like salmon and hubby got the salmon. To be honest, i dont really like the beef as it's too tough although it's still quite rare in the middle. We reckon it was because of mass cooking and it wasnt a proper steak, but instead it was cooked in a big piece and cut it to small pieces for serving.
As for the salmon, it seems that who order it really enjoy it :)

3. Dessert
Here comes the dessert which i long for~~~~~
Sittella Strawberry Brandy Snap Basket filled with cointreau ice cream, smothered with strawberries and crusted passionfruit
Sorry i didnt manage to get a good picture of this delicous dessert as i am too eager to have it! Ha! It is super yummylicious~~~~~~ The brandy snap basket is so sweet but with the bitterness of the caramalised, and the sourness of the strawberries and passinfruit, it went really well~~~~

Overall, it was a great lunch. If we were not invited to attend the wedding, we wont really know there is such a nice place to enjoy the beautiful afternoon. Thanks Nathan & Tiff :)

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Sittella Winery & Cafe
100 Barrett St
Herne Hill WA 6056
Tel: 08 9296 2600


  1. oh mannnnnnnnn! Now I dread about forgetting to use my coupon :(!!

  2. This post is hilarious...and making me hungry...which is saying a lot since I just ate! Great ideas!