Friday, 1 June 2012

Mille Cafe, Inglewood

Hubby loves having Saturday morning breakfast at different little cafe. We pass by Mille Cafe almost everyday on the way home so we thought of having it a try.

Pretty nice little (actually not that small!) cafe.

So this is the breakfast menu!

As usual I am having latte and Hubby tried out the cappuccino. We both thought that the coffee are pretty normal.

And for the brekkie, Hubby had 'the wake up call'. It's such a big breakfast! I reckon bread is good. The scramble egg looks a bit too wet... And sausage is sort of like tasteless. Overall, it is ok.

And i had this 'spicy calabrese sausage'. The sausage is way too salty for me but i like the rocket underneath :)

There is a voucher in the Entertainment book which give us 25% up to A$30!

Mille Cafe on Urbanspoon

Mille Cafe
Tel: 08 9271 2288
Add: 1000 Beaufor St , Inglewood WA 6052

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