Friday, 16 September 2011

Sri Melaka Vegetarian, Northbridge - Dinner

This is my second time step into Sri Melaka Vegetarian after living in Perth for the past 7 years. The 1st time was quite funny actually. I went there with 2 girl friends not knowing that they only serve vegetarian food. We ordered a curry chicken, a fish and a vegie dish.

We were very impressed with the food especially with the curry chicken. None of us could taste the difference between the real chicken meat and this fake meat. Until half way, one of us was asking... 'is this curry chicken or....other meat?' Then we just realised this is a vegetarian restaurant! =.=''

And this time thanks to the traffic jam along Francis St and passed by Sri Melaka. I remember how tasty was the curry chicken, so we decided to step in again.

So we ordered 3 dishes for dinner
1. Satay Chicken - we were very surprised to see this dish when it came out! It is actually deep fried chicken ball.... it tasted not bad and the satay sauce is really good
2. Stir Fry Snowpeas - I think the snowpeas is a bit too soft... and i dont really like the rest of the ingredients.
3. Kapitan Curry Chicken - We really disappointed with this dish. It's not as nice as the 1st time I tasted. The fake meat is so fake (sorry to say). And Hubby said the sauce is actually quite diluted.

Overall costs us $35 after the Entertainment Book discount.

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Sri Melaka Vegetarian
Add: 20 James St, Northbridge, 6003
Tel: 08 9328 6406

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  1. 我住的地方有点像malay kampong.