Thursday, 9 June 2011

Welcome Inn Tea House, Northbridge - Breakfast, Lunch

Hubby and I haven't  been to Dim Sum for a while, so we decided to invite hubby's parents to go together on one Sunday morning since the more the merrier =) However my FIL cant make it as it's too early for him. 

Hubby's family has been going to Welcome Inn Tea House for years mainly due to the their price is reasonable and the food taste is not bad. 

The first thing we grabbed from the tray is Deep Fried Pork Dumplings (ham shui gok). MIL loves this. Although it's deep fried, the skin is still a bit chewy and the fillings is not dry at all and tasted a bit sweet.

Since it was about 11 something in the morning when we arrived, we still able to grab a plate of the Egg Tarts. Someone was telling me their Egg Tarts is very popular. Normally it will all be sold out by noon time! I really love this egg tart, love its pastry especially~~~~

I love Rice Flour Rolls as well. So we ordered two; one with the filling of BBQ pork and the other with the filling of fried dough. I am very satisfied with the one with fried dough as the fried dough is still crispy when we are having it. However the BBQ pork one is not so nice today as I can still taste the pork smell.

Hubby's love the Steam Pork Dumplings (Siew Mai) and Steam Pork Spare Ribs (Pai Kuat). We are glad that these 2 porks dishes tasted really nice without the pork smell. Especially the spare ribs, it is so tasty with the black bean sauce.

And this Steam Bean-curd Rolls is our favorite too~~~~Love the sauce especially.

Deep Fried Squid is something cannot be missed having Dim Sum in Australia.  

The last one is the Beef Tenders hubby loves to eat recently. I dont normally eat this so i am not too sure how it tastes.

It's always so good to have Dim Sum together with family and friends. Lots of different variety can be ordered and shared. =) 

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Welcome Inn Tea House
Tel No: 08 9227 8886
Add: 354 William St Northbridge 6000

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