Thursday, 19 May 2011

Cori Anna, Northbridge - Dinner

Hubby and I like to visit this little Korean restaurant situated at William Street, Northbridge. I thought the food here is pretty nice. And also it is always quite quiet so you will get your order pretty fast! Ha!

So today we ordered 4 dishes for 3:

1. Seafood pancake - $8
The pancake is thin and full of flavor and it's actually full of seafood! Nice.

2. Vege Bibim-bap - $12
Since we are ordering other meat, so we ordered this vege bibim-bap to satisfy our vege need for a day ;p It serves with hot stone pot which i really like. 

3. Bulgogi Pork - $12
This bulgogi pork is rather ordinary. Not much surprise!

4. Deep Fried Chicken coated with sweet chili sauce (1/2) - $13
This is the DISH OF THE DAY~~~~ It's so crispy and at first i thought it would be too hot for me, but it's not! It's so tasty and 1/2 chicken is just nice for 3 of us =)

Overall, the dinner here at Cori Anna is pretty good. The price is not too expensive and the service is pretty good as well.

Cori Anna Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Cori Anna
Tel:  08 9227 7299
Add: 5/347 William St Perth 6000

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